Flowering Vines:

Trumpet Vine
Campsis radicans – Rapid grower with bright tubular flowers at stem ends in summer. Needs strong support, and room to grow. They have root-like holdfasts that help hold them to any surface. ‘Flava’, ‘Balboa Sunset’ & ‘Madam Galen’ available in 2 and 5 gal. containers. Note: They will sucker and potentially form large colonies if not kept in bounds.

Clematis is a showy colorful flower on another fast growing vine that like their tops in the sun and roots in the shade. Provide an arbor, tuteur, trellis, mailbox or even a climbing rose for support and the tendrils will twine their way up. The 3 different pruning groups may sound complicated but it’s not – check out pg 19 in our catalog for that info and all our cultivars. Customer favorites seem to be the orchid-purple ‘Dr. Ruppell’, ‘The President’ which is violet-blue, and ‘Jackmani’ – a solid purple. Also available is the Sweet Autumn Clematis (C. paniculata) which is covered in small white flowers later in summer (Strong support needed for this one!)

Climbing Hydrangea
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris -A classic among climbers that gets off to a slow start but then takes off. Attributes include exfoliating bark and long-lasting, creamy, lace-cap flowers bloom in June, fade and dry to brown but persist throughout winter capturing the snow. Not a bad look in January.

Lonicera sempervirens, L. x heckroti is great for attracting hummingbirds, these fast growers are a twining woody vine that needs a support, but we’ve also seen it used as groundcover. We currently have L. x heckroti (Goldflame Honeysuckle) pinkish buds open to orange flowers.

Have some nostalgic customers craving a cottage, old fashioned look? You can hardly go wrong with climbing Roses. Just know Roses have a craving of their own: plenty of sun, rich moist but well-drained soil, fertilizer and proper and timely pruning. They can ramble over stone walls with minimal training but need support in the form of trellis or arbor if growing vertical. Check out our ‘Blaze’, ‘New Dawn’, ‘White Dawn’ & ‘Winner’s Circle’!

Japanese Hydrangea Vine ‘Moonlight’
Schizophragma hydrangeoides Great summer blooming vine with white lace-cap flowers but this variety is mostly grown for their foliage which has a silvery cast. Plant in partial shade to get the leaves full effect. It will readily twine up any support, including trees.

Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls’
Wisteria frutescens is a native Wisteria that is not as an aggressive grower as the Asian Wisteria but will still need something to cling to with their clockwise clinging stems. The purple flowers appear even on younger plants as they bloom only on new wood.

Evergreen Vines:

Euonymus kiatschovicus ‘Manhattan’
Spreading Euonymus has glossy dark evergreen foliage that makes a great hedge and can be trained to grow along a fence. Small greenish-white flowers in spring. Prune in spring to maintain shape. Often used in containers and planting boxes on rooftops.

Hedera helix
English Ivy is best as an evergreen groundcover in a contained area. The small dark green leaves serve their purpose especially in shade. Note: Long-lived plant, plan ahead…

Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Boston Ivy ‘Green Showers’ is what we currently have in stock in this vine. Deciduous thick glossy leaves turn purple red in fall. This self-clinging vine has small ‘suction cups’ that readily climb up brick and stone-faced buildings.

Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Virginia Creeper loves stone walls and anything that’s vertical. This native deciduous vine is most noticeable once the leaves color up to bright orangey-red early in the fall.

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