Salix integra ‘Hakuro-nishiki’ is known by many names: Japanese Dappled Willow, ‘Albo-maculata’, ‘Albomarginata’,’Fuiji Nishiki’, Variegated Willow – they all describe the fast growing, tri-colored Willow that turns heads in any landscape.

Yellow catkins appear in April, then pink leaves as seen here, begin to open turning to a dappled mix of green and white. Willows in general are some of the earliest to push growth in spring, beating many trees by weeks and holding them until most others have dropped in the fall. Grow as a shrub and use in groups for privacy or in the mixed border, or try the tree form as a quirky focal point.

Plant in full sun for best leaf color. They’ll thrive in moist soil but can also tolerate drier soils once established.

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