Planters’ Choice, LLC, a full service wholesale nursery, was founded in March 1970 by Chuck Newman. The original nursery consisted of one propagation house and two fifty foot hoop houses.

To service customers, the Newtown location has a 15-acre sales yard that offers a complete line of nursery stock, as well as a diverse line of hard goods. The Watertown facility offers the same high quality product line and service on five acres. We are in the process of building a new yard about a mile up to the road to better serve our Watertown customers with more product and a superior layout.

Growing operations have expanded to encompass a gutter connected four bay greenhouse as well as eight others for propagation. Over 200 hoop houses are used for ornamental container production, encompassing 40 acres. There are currently eight acres of perennial production in Watertown, and the existing sales yard will be repurposed for better spacing of our perennials and increased production. Over 150 acres of field grown nursery stock exist on five farms in Watertown and Woodbury. About 10,000 trees are dug each year and sold almost entirely through our two sales yards.

Planters’ Choice has sufficient land to be able to continue to expand all facets of the operation as demand for our top quality material increases, so keep in the loop with what’s happening by signing up for our weekly email!