Both sales yards have an excellent selection of Japanese Maples including uprights like the red-leaf ‘Bloodgood’ and plenty of the dissected weepers like ‘Tamukeyama’ and ‘Viridis’, but below are a few upright varieties you should consider:

Acer palmatumButterflies‘ (top left) This Japanese Maple’s main feature are the variegated, sometimes twisted foliage. In spring the tri-colored leaves have light pink margins which fade as the leaf grows out. They will stay green and white in summer, then the whites turn scarlet red in fall. Growing about 12′ high x 8’ wide they make an awesome choice for any small space.

A. palmatumKoto no Ito‘ (top middle) Means ‘Golden Old Harp’ – very fitting for the long super-narrow lobes on these leaves which emerge tinged in red, turn bright green for the growing season and then orange-gold in fall. Once the leaves fall, the branches show their bright green color, just in time for the winter landscape. Grows 6-10′ tall and wide.

A. palmatumUkigumo‘ (top right) Another variegated specimen with green and white mottled leaves. The fall color is a beautiful orange. It is sometimes called the “Floating Cloud” Maple because from a distance the leaves seam to blend together into a cloud-like form. It will grow 10-15′ tall and 8-10’ wide so it is an upright grower and can look quite graceful.

A. schirasawanumAureum‘ (bottom left) Known as a Golden Fullmoon Maple, you can tell the difference from A. palmatum by the shape of the leaves. This golden variety is perfect to brighten up any shady corner and looks especially dramatic when seen from below. The leaves turn gold with red margins in fall. Protect from hot scorching sun, please. Grows slowly to 15-20’ high and almost as wide.

A. schirasawanumMoonrise‘ (bottom middle) is a newer variety Full Moon Maple that can tolerate a little more sun than ‘Aureum’. It leafs out bright red in spring. Older leaves turn green while the younger leaves retain some red as seen above. The fall color ranges from bright orange to deep red. Growing 8-10′ high and as wide or wider. This was awarded Maple of the Year by the American Branch of the Maple Society in 2016.

Acer palmatumSango-Kaku‘ (bottom right) Coral Bark Maple is a sought after-tree especially in fall when the branches turn bright red once the temperatures begin to drop. It is an upright vase-shape tree reaching 20-25’ tall. They appreciate protection from strong wind and scorching sun. Fall color varies between yellow, purple and bronze. The red branches are stunning for winter interest and look great against an evergreen backdrop or light colored building.

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