If you need evergreens for foundations or hedging – consider a yew. They are sometimes thought of as old fashioned, but cultivars like these Black Knight have a lot to offer: -Extra dark-green needles -Dense, tight habit, more so than ‘Densiformis’ -4-5′ high x 5-6′ wide, great for foundations and  Read more
Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ (Speedwell) is a new perennial for us this year. The new growth emerges in spring tinged in red and the small true-blue flowers are 4 petaled with tiny white centers and bloom in spring. There’s a possible re-bloom in fall, especially if sheared back after the  Read more
Sargent Crabapples (Malus ‘Sargenti’) and Winter King Hawthorns (Crataegus viridis) are great small trees for residential or commercial properties with two season interest – spring for their showy bloom and fall for the red fruits seen here. Malus and Crataegus are both from the same family, Rosaceae (Rose) so have  Read more
Here’s a great street tree that is widely used in cities around the world for lots of reasons – here’s a quick list of some of the attributes: Size – large, 75’+ high x 60′ wide Growth rate – 12-24″ per year Habit – Pyramidal, oval at maturity Main attributes  Read more
When it comes to versatile evergreens you really can’t go wrong with Oriental Spruce. The lower branches hold to the ground forming an elegant skirt which makes it a great choice as a stand alone conifer. Planted in groups, if not sited too closely, work great as an accent, and  Read more
Here’s an awesome shrub you probably already know and use, but it’s worth being reminded about – Weigela florida ‘Variegata’. The variegated foliage is the main attraction and the light pink, spring flowers are the added bonus. It’s a rounded shrub that doesn’t require a lot of pruning. Growing 3′  Read more
If you cross Heuchera with Tiarella you get Heucherellas! Foamy Bells, as they are commonly called, are a growing group of perennials planted mainly for their foliage effect. This variety, ‘Catching Fire’ has an impressive show in the garden with its large lime green leaves and cherry red center veining.  Read more
Dwarf Ginkgo biloba ‘Troll’ are super easy conifers (yes, conifers) to tuck into the landscape adding fantastic texture, an interesting leaf form and pure gold in fall. Plant them in borders or foundation plantings without worrying about them over-growing the site as it’s a slow grower and stays quite compact.  Read more
Common name: Russian Sage Size: 3-4′ high 24-30″ wide Interest: Fine blue-gray foliage, airy lavender-blue flowers Culture: Well-drained soil is critical, full sun Time of year: July – September Companion plants: Roses, Coneflowers, Garden Phlox, Ornamental Grasses This is one of those plants that customers love. Planted in large groups  Read more