Have you ever planted Purpletop Verbena (V. bonariensis)? If not, it’s actually a great choice for perennial and cottage gardens. Their wiry green stems easily support the lavender flower clusters adding an airy charm to the landscape. It is a South American native so we grow them as an annual  Read more
Not only is a season full of blooms beautiful and exciting, it’s great for supporting pollinators. It’s important to sustain these critters as long as possible with late-blooming perennials like Turtlehead (Chelone). This New England native bears hooded flowers on tall stems in late summer. The appearance of these blooms  Read more
The summer solstice is upon us, and the perennial yard is brimming with attractive late spring and summer-blooming succulents! These plants can become an excellent addition to the front of a border or a rock garden. All of them are deer-resistant and have very few diseases, making them an easy  Read more
Dicentra is an extremely popular herbaceous perennial, perfect for brightening up a shady spot in early spring.  It is in the papaver family (Papaveracea).  Most Dicentra is native to eastern Asia and is hardy in Zones 2-8.  Dicentra eximia and cucullaria is native to the Appalachian Mountains.  Dicentra likes rich,  Read more
Sweetbay Magnolia (M. virginiana) is a safe bet when it comes to adding native interest to your site. They are found growing in moist areas and streamside along coastal New York and south to Florida, but they also do quite well in average moist well-drained soil. Here’s more about this  Read more
When you have customers who get really excited about plants, it’s fun to go the extra mile and offer something special. Red-veined Enkianthus, which is also known as Furin-Tsutsuji (E. campanulatus) is one that comes to mind. Delicate clusters of bell-shaped flowers are its main spring attraction, along with red,  Read more
Zelkova makes a great tree regardless of the season. It’s a beautiful choice for the home landscape, as a street tree or at commercial sites. Just because it starts with Z it shouldn’t be at the bottom of your list for great trees. Take a look: -Medium size tree growing  Read more
Looking for a unique tree for a fall landscape? Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica) might fit the bill with its colorful autumn mosaics. Take a look: -A medium size tree growing 20-40′ high x 15-30′ wide -Small reddish ‘flower’ clusters appear before the leaves in spring -It has beautiful shimmering green  Read more
As we begin to wind down the summer and look forward to the sights of the beautiful fall foliage, here are some of our favorite shrubs that have awesome fall interest: Fothergilla gardenii– (Witchalder/Dwarf Fothergilla) A compact shrub whose dark green foliage in the spring turns to shades of yellow,  Read more
Our Purple Rain Salvia (Salvia verticillata) deserve a place in the spotlight right now. The plants are full in their 1 gallon containers and ready for making an instant impact for your summer borders and patio containers. Upright flower stalks rise above its wide velvety gray-green foliage that is more  Read more