If you need a carefree plant for a hot, dry, sandy situation try Sempervivum. Hens and Chicks originated from the mountainous Alps in Europe. It lives happily in the cracks in dry stone walls, between pavers, in the front of rocks gardens hugging stones or sculptures, roof top gardens and in containers  Read more
I like Oriental Spruce (Picea orientalis) because of its versatility-it does what people often want Norway Spruce to do. I’m certainly not disparaging Norways, but they do grow quite wide. On the other hand, Picea orientalis stays fairly narrow, can tolerate as much shade as Hemlock but is more adaptable, and might  Read more
This week we received in a nice trio of 5/6′ Fragrant Fountain Weeping Snowbells (Styrax japonica). It’s a beautiful tree for a focal point or a pair would be a smart look for entryways or framing a view. The white bell-shaped flowers dangle along the branches blooming in June and  Read more
To all our customers, Make plans to stop by either location to check out our fresh incoming trees and shrubs, chat with your favorite salespeople, meet the new crew, talk about your upcoming jobs, check out the greenhouse to see what’s in line for the future and take a yard  Read more
We grow a lot of plants. Some get us more excited than others, like our native plants. We’re proud to have a wide choice for your landscapes whether sought after by your eco-conscious customers, mandated by the town’s Wetland Commission or just for your love of using native plants. We grow  Read more
We’d wager that Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana) isn’t at the top of your plant lists, but it is one you’d love to use if you could, right? The silver-backed, semi-evergreen leaves, the white, lemon-scented flowers and, the fact that it’s a graceful and native tree make it A+. But  Read more
If you need evergreens for foundations or hedging – consider a yew. They are sometimes thought of as old fashioned, but cultivars like these Black Knight have a lot to offer: -Extra dark-green needles -Dense, tight habit, more so than ‘Densiformis’ -4-5′ high x 5-6′ wide, great for foundations and  Read more
Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ (Speedwell) is a new perennial for us this year. The new growth emerges in spring tinged in red and the small true-blue flowers are 4 petaled with tiny white centers and bloom in spring. There’s a possible re-bloom in fall, especially if sheared back after the  Read more
Sargent Crabapples (Malus ‘Sargenti’) and Winter King Hawthorns (Crataegus viridis) are great small trees for residential or commercial properties with two season interest – spring for their showy bloom and fall for the red fruits seen here. Malus and Crataegus are both from the same family, Rosaceae (Rose) so have  Read more