Spirea Reference Chart

(AFL) albiflora 1-2’H Spreading White Green 2/3
(TOR) betulifolia ‘Tor’ 3-4’H Mounded White Green, yellow-red fall color 3
(JAL) japonica ‘Alpina’ 16”x5’ Dwarf mound Pink Blue-green fine textured 2
(BGC) j. ‘Golden Carpet’ 6-12″ Low, spreading Pink Yellow 2
(JLP) j. ‘Little Princess’ 3’Hx4’W Wide mound Pink Green 2/3/6
(MCA) j. ‘Magic Carpet’ 2’x3’ Low, spreading Bright pink Bronze-yellow, red tipped 3/6
(NEO) j. ‘Neon Flash’ 3’H&W Dense mound Red New growth purple 3/6
(JSH) j. ‘Shirobana’ (‘Shibori’) 3’x3’ Mounded Pink, White June Deep green 3
(LAT) latifolia (Meadowsweet) 5’H&W Upright Pink to white Blue-green 1
(NHS) nipponica ‘Halward’s Silver’ 3’H&W Compact, rounded White Dark green 3
(NSM) n. ‘Snowmound’ 3-5’H&W Mounded White Blue-green 3/6
(PNF) prunifolium (Bridalwreath Spirea) 6’x7’ Vase-shaped Double white Green, purple fall color 3
(TOG) thunbergii ‘Ogon’ 4’H&W Mounded White to pink Yellow to green 2
(TOM) tomentosa (Steeplebush) 2-4’H Upright Rose-purple Green, yellow fall color 1
(BAW) x bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’ 4’x4.5’ Upright Rose-pink June-Aug Brown-red to blue-green 2/3/6
(BGF) x b. ‘Gold Flame’ 3’x3.5’ Mounded Pink May-Aug Bronze-red to green 3
(BGM) x b. ‘Gold Mound’ 2’x2.5’ Mounded Pink June-July Chartreuse 2/3/6
(CGF) x cinerea ‘Grefsheim’ 4-5’H&W Arching White April Sea green 3/6
(VAN) x vanhouttei 6’x7’ Vase-shaped White Blue-green 3/6