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We Are a Proud Partner of CT NOFA’s Ecotype Project!

In many ways, native pollinators are so incredibly critical to our existence. The majority of our food crops rely on them to be productive, whether farms or gardens. Our native lands also need them so native flora can proliferate in perpetuity. With 19% of native plants listed as endangered and the remaining populations in declining numbers, we are facing a precipitous decline in our pollinator populations.

We must restore native habitat to safeguard our food system. We are proud to be providing truly native plants from EPA Ecoregion 59.  We are germinating sustainably harvested seed that is harvested by botanist partners. This seed is wild collected from our open spaces. We are producing these critical plants in an effort to do our part to restore native pollinator habitat. Increasing habitat will also create carbon sinks to improve air quality and combat climate change. With appropriate siting these local genotype plants, herbaceous plants act as an excellent carbon sink, with grasses rooting very deep, and many perennials persisting for long periods of time with minimal maintenance after establishment

Monarch butterfly larva feeding on Common Milkweed

We are thrilled to be playing our part by growing these critically important plants in wholesale quantities to sell to you, our customers in the trade. From a small residential planting to a large scale restoration project, this is a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful spaces that are truly native by merging creativity with nature’s intent!

Please check back here and at CT NOFA’s Ecotype Project page for further updates. We are constantly adding new plants to our offerings. As of right now, we have mostly herbaceous plants but are adding trees and shrubs. If you would like to be part of this exciting venture, sign up below to be added to our mailing list and we can keep you updated with any new offerings and updates to the Ecotype Project

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