As we begin to wind down the summer and look forward to the sights of the beautiful fall foliage, here are some of our favorite shrubs that have awesome fall interest:
Fothergilla gardenii– (Witchalder/Dwarf Fothergilla) A compact shrub whose dark green foliage in the spring turns to shades of yellow, orange and scarlet in the fall. The more sunshine it receives, the brighter it is.
Callicarpa dichotoma (Purple Beautyberry) Bright purple clusters of edible berries that grow around the stem in late summer/early fall and persist into the winter months.
Aronia arbutifolia & melanocarpa (Red Chokeberry & Black Chokeberry) Tall multi-stemmed native shrub with an outstanding red fall color, along with red or black fruit (depending on variety) throughout much of the winter. Slow growth habit with a height of 5-8’ does well in shady wet sites.
Ilex verticillata (Winterberry) This deciduous native holly has bright red berries which are extremely showy in the fall throughout the winter months. Thrives in damp areas and can reach up to 12’ in height. Don’t forget to pair them up with their male pollinators for assured berry set!

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