When you have customers who get really excited about plants, it’s fun to go the extra mile and offer something special. Red-veined Enkianthus, which is also known as Furin-Tsutsuji (E. campanulatus) is one that comes to mind. Delicate clusters of bell-shaped flowers are its main spring attraction, along with red, orange and gold fall color. It’s a good choice for the mixed border and looks great with early spring blooming perennials and bulbs. It does best in moist, well-drained acid soil so a fertilizer like Holly-tone or Woodace 12-3-6 A.C.R.E. is what you’d want to use if you need to give it a boost. Some good companion choices are Hellebores, Japanese Andromeda or one of the many choices of Rhododendrons! They shouldn’t require much trimming but if it does, prune right after they bloom.

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