Stonecrop is an easy to grow group of perennials that are interesting in bloom and sometimes even more interesting just for their foliage effect. They thrive in poor soils and full sun locations. They provide interesting seed heads during the winter months for the birds and look awesome while poking through a layer of snow.
The cultivar ‘Autumn Fire’ is very similar in looks to ‘Autumn Joy’ but is tighter growing, has a brighter flower color along with thicker foliage.
They combine nicely with grasses, dwarf conifers, Lavender and Russian Sage just to name a few. Too rich a soil can cause the plants to be leggy – just something to keep in mind.

Other Stonecrop available include the low-growers like ‘Acre’, ‘Dragon’s Blood’ and S. cauticola or uprights like ‘Matrona’ and ‘Vera Jameson’.

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