Tulips have a color punch like no other spring flowering bulb. With such a wide range of color possibilities you can use them in large sweeps of monochomatic blocks or create a blend of complimentary colors to fit just about any palette. But, with so many classes of Tulips it can be difficult choosing the right type for your jobs. Check out our selection of Darwin Hybrids – it’s a good place to start!

-Cross between Single Late + T. fosteriana
-Longer lived, showing ‘strong perennial qualities’
-Large flower heads on strong stems
-Tallest class of tulips
-Use in beds, large landscapes, commercial sites, cutting gardens, perennial gardens
-Mid-season bloomer
-Plant in full sun but will tolerate partial shade
-Fertilize when they emerge in spring with low-nitrogen fertilizer ie. Espoma Bulb-tone or PHC Health Start 3-4-3
-Plant 2 times the height of the bulb with the pointed end facing up

Check out T. ‘Apeldorn’ and ‘Golden Apeldorn’ on your next trip over!

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