Once you buy your Roses keep them healthy and thriving with a few easy steps:

-Choose a site that has full sun, rich soil, has good air circulation and is well drained!
-Add plenty of organic matter if you have sandy/clay soil
-Be generous when digging the hole
-Plant at the same height as they are in their container, not any deeper
-Use planting fertilizer at time of planting like Rose-tone or M-Roots
-Mulch them to keep the roots cool and the moisture in
-Use Espoma’s Rose-tone 4-3-2 with beneficial microbes once a month to keep them thriving throughout the growing season
-Prune late winter
-Companion plantings make the garden more interesting, but remember, good air circulation is key!

Love the thought of roses but think they’re too needy? Try Rugosa Roses (Rosa rugosa) They’e fine with no pruning and no fertilizing, they’re disease resistant, salt tolerant, super tough, hardy to -35º, are very fragrant and their hips (fruit) are ornamental as well as nutritious!

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