Gold Flame Honeysuckle (Lonicera x hectrotti) is a fast growing twining vine that’s a nice addition to a cottage garden. It will quickly cover an arbor, trellis, fence or stone wall; it can even be planted as a ground cover, in a container or as a shrub. The blue-green foliage is a nice back drop to the bright pink flower buds that open to orange tubular flowers. They’re slightly fragrant and have a delicious, sweet nectar that hummingbirds and butterflies love.

Honeysuckle is very easy to grow – plant in full sun to partial shade. It’s deer resistant, can tolerate dry soil once established and is a non-invasive Honeysuckle (unlike its cousins Lonicera maackii -Amur Honeysuckle and L. tatarica -Tatarian Honeysuckle, to name just two). Water well the first year to develop a good root system and it will reward you every spring with a mass of bright flowers and a chance to watch some awesome winged creatures!

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