Who can resist sweet, long blooming Grape Hyacinths! Short 6-8″ stalks support dense clusters of tiny, violet-blue bells. They bloom April into May for a full month as the foliage emerges. Once done, the leaves hang on for a short time gathering steam for next spring’s show, dyeing back once the weather gets warm.
The leaves will grow again in fall so when it comes time to plant more bulbs, their place is already marked by the clean foliage.

The genus was established back in 1754 by Philip Miller, a botanist from Scotland, and many varieties have been developed since, 40+ including white, sky blue, bi-colors and even yellow. We currently have the species, Muscari armeniacum, plus boxes of mixed varieties (white, deep purple, sky blue and violet-blue) which make an awesome combination.

Plant in sun – partial shade in average but well-drained soil, 2 times the height of the bulb – approximately 4″ deep. They naturalize well, are long lived and are squirrel & deer resistant.

So for all you blues lovers: Don’t miss out on long lasting, low maintenance, cool color!

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