All Crocus look the same right? Basically yes, but there are a few subtle differences that will help when you’re standing in front of those colorful boxes trying to make a decision.

The species Crocus typically are the earlier bloomers sometimes by a few weeks. Their colors are more on the pastel side but still striking against a bleak March landscape. Cream Beauty (C. crysanthus) grows about 3-4″ and has soft yellow flowers. They bloom for about two weeks. Ruby Giant (C. tomasinianus) are a reddish purple that’s almost iridescent in the late afternoon sun.
And new this year are boxes of a Botanical Mixture of species crocus in a soft mix of white, yellow and lavender. Plant the corms about 3″ deep in full to partial sun in well-drained soil.

Giant Dutch Crocus will bloom later than the species by a week or two and have showier colors ranging from pure white (Peter Pan), Deep Yellow (Golden Yellow) and vibrant purple (Flower Record). They’ll grow 4-6″ tall and bloom for 2-3 weeks. Plant corms about 4″ deep in well-drained soil.

All are hardy to zone 4 and look best when planted in large random groupings. They can also be forced.

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