Even though this week ended on a cooler note, we have lots of warm weather ahead, so plan on heading into the shade and plant some Hostas! We have more than 40 varieties ranging from the large ‘Sum & Substance’ (growing 3′ high x 6′ wide) to our smallest ‘Mouse Ears’ (8″ high x 12″ wide). The stunning, almost tropical foliage is a workaholic in the garden offering much needed contrast to ferns, shade-tolerant grasses and delicate-leaved perennials in the form of eye-catching colors and smooth, bold texture. They are long-lived perennials that are easy to grow and have low needs when it comes to maintenance. After they flower, dead-heading will neaten the plant up, unless your customers’ enjoy watching birds like Chickadees and Juncos  – they like the seeds! You can cut back the foliage after a hard frost and mulching newly planted Hostas in winter will help prevent frost-heaves. If you feel the need to divide them, it’s best done in spring when the leaves are still curled up tight. Worried about slugs? Try choosing varieties that have heavier, thicker foliage or are more upright in habit.

A few of our favorites include Hosta ‘Fragrant Dream’ which has a corrugated leaf, medium green and edged in creamy white. It forms a sturdy mound growing 2′ x 3′. Fragrant, lily-like white flowers open at the ends of 30″ tall scapes in summer, dressing up any garden. ‘Fragrant Blue’ is another to consider with chalky blue leaves and white fragrant flowers (18″ x 30″). Also don’t forget about ‘Royal Standard’ and ‘Stained Glass’.

Take a look at all of them on your next trip over and don’t forget to add them to your plant lists for quoting!

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