The Ornamental Grasses are at their peak right now full of movement and waving their seedheads in the wind – especially the Japanese Silver Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) seen here. They add dependable fall and winter interest with foliage that ranges from gold, tan and burgundy depending on the cultivar. Use in mixed borders, for slope stabilization, around pools and along driveways, at commercial sites, in containers – you name it! We have good availability in these three cultivars plus many other varieties of grasses for any site.

Adagio – Fine texture on a more compact, rounded plant with reddish seed heads.
Thin green foliage is tinged with burgundy in fall. Good for smaller spaces as it gets about 4.5′ high and 3′ wide.
Gracillimus – If you want a reliable, larger grower this is the one. Narrow silver-veined foliage on larger growing plants, 6/7′ high including seedheads.
Morning Light – Narrow, fine textured blades with white variegation along the margin on plants that are upright and arching. Grows 4-5′ high.

We have many other grasses available in both sales yards including Fountain Grass, Feather Reed Grass, Little Blue Stem and more. There is still time to make an impact with grasses for this fall – come on over and take a look!

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