Probably the best spring flowering bulb for making a statement is Narcissus. They have unique flowers, vibrant colors and a wonderful fragrance. Most all varieties are long lived and will spread, or naturalize over time, but there are some varieties you can count on for spreading more than others like our Ice Follies on Huntingtown Road. You can see how they’ve multiplied, each bulb producing a nice clump over the years. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planting bulbs for naturalizing:

-Avoid low areas that can collect too much moisture
-Pick a sunny location that will have sun at least through June to let plants photosynthesize
-Create a drift effect with the highest concentration towards the center – leave open areas here and there and leave the edges irregular
-Mix in contrasting bulbs like Crocus and Grape Hyacinths for added interest
-Fertilize in the spring as they emerge and after flowering to assure a good performance for the next year.

Other good naturalizing varieties incude Dutchmaster, Geranium, Jet Fire, Mt. Hood, Thalia and Tete a tete.

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