One of the first places a home or commercial lawn will get crabgrass are the edges, right where the ground heats up along curbs and driveways. The causes can range from cutting too close with the string trimmer, to poor or excessive irrigation to not applying pre and post emergents properly. In addition, once the grass is under stress, insects like chinch bug will have a field day. The good news: Fall is the time for turf renovations which can eliminate this issue for next season.

Consider the following for proper curbside maintenance:

Try our Tall Fescue for high traffic areas – it’s a tough grass with outstanding drought tolerance. Tip: Don’t wait, renovate soon! The heat helps with germination.

Apply pre and post emergents with care, use a deflector to angle the product where it belongs – along the edge.

Adjust irrigation so the proper amount is given – remember, too much is not good, too little is just as bad!

Consider a second application of pre-emergent along the edges and curbing to keep levels adequate as the pre-emergence breaks down from heat and irrigation. A combo that works well is Team-Pro in early to mid-April then early to mid-June use Dimension since it works both as a pre-emergent and early post-emergent killing any small crabgrass that may have started to grow.

General Turf Tip: Don’t delay, overseed NOW to start your 2018 lawn care program!

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