Growing quality plants from seed can be very easy or extremely difficult. Always up for a challenge, Peter decided to give Aesculus parviflora (Bottlebrush Buckeye) a try last fall. Fruits collected from one of Chuck’s mature plants were planted in crates, over-wintered then brought up a few weeks ago into the old P-1 near the office in Newtown. He’s had very good germination for these seeds so far. They’ll stay in the crates until fall then transplanted into 1 gallon containers.

Bottlebrush Buckeye is a very useful plant for the landscape. It’s interesting to watch them go through the transformation from bare and sparse winter branching to a full, lush canopy of dark green, pinnate leaves. Great for attracting pollinators – bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love the nectar of their 12-18″ white flower spikes. The yellow fall color is a worthy addition to any border. An added plus – they’re deer resistant!

It’s important to make sure they have the room they need as they’ll grow 8-12′ high and spread up to 15′. Planted in groups they’ll cover some good ground and make a beautiful elevated canopy for under-planting with ferns and early spring bulbs. Though native to the southeastern states (Alabama, Georgia, Florida) they are hardy way up to Zone 4!

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