The main challenge in keeping newly planted material happy through summer’s hottest days is keeping them adequately hydrated. In lieu of a good irrigation system, supplemental watering is obviously the key, but it can be tough to count on vacation-bound clients to water, let alone to do it properly. Here are three products that will help your new plants make it through the dog days of August and into the cool fall weather ahead.

Tree Watering Bags – These perforated, heavy-duty poly bags hold up to 20 gallons of water! They promote deep root growth, save you time, keep water where it’s needed most – at the root zone. For smaller caliper trees with a 2′ trunk clearance one bag is sufficient, for large trees you can easily zip two bags together. Need them for low-branched trees or conifers? Use the round doughnut-shaped bag that lays on the ground around the base of the trunk.
Aquatain – Water Absorbing Gel Crystals are for use at planting time. Mix the appropriate amount into the back-fill soil so the co-polymer crystals are below the soil line accessible to the roots. Each single crystal hold up to 200 times its weight in water! The process is repeated over again each time water is re-introduced. It’s important to read the application rate on the label very carefully! Available in 1 lb. plastic jars or smaller convenient zip-lock bags. Also consider Roots 1-Step. Fertilizer, Mycorrhizal fungi and water absorbing crystals in one packet.
Mulch – Pinebark or Cedarbark make the planting job look neat & complete, but more importantly it does the job of keeping moisture where it belongs – at the root-zone! Our 3 cu. ft. bags are easy to use with no cleanup other than recycling the plastic bags.

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