It’s always nice to have a wide selection of trees to choose from when it comes to shade trees and it’s fun to shake it up a bit with something you may not have used before. Ever plant a Silver Linden? If not, it’s an awesome tree to know:

-Tilia tomentosa ‘Sterling’
-Typically grows 50′ high x 30′ wide
-Neat pyramidal habit
-Fragrant yellow-green flowers in June-July
-The nectar attracts honey bees which are the only bees that can process its sugars
-Use as a lawn, street or specimen tree
-Plant in full-sun to partial shade
-Once established will tolerate dry conditions
-Has a beautiful, evenly branched winter silhouette
– Is widely planted in Europe but is native to Western Asia
-In the UK they call them Limes and are often pleached

Stop by and see the other varieties of Linden including American Linden (Tilia americana ‘Redmond’ and Little-leaf Linden (T. cordata ‘Greenspire’) available in several sizes.

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