There are probably as many common names for Kalmia latifolia as there are named cultivars, but whatever you want to call them, they’re an awesome flowering shrub! It was chosen as Connecticut’s State Flower back in 1907, a good choice as they are found in our woodlands, and along lakes and ponds throughout the state. The flower of the species, which blooms in June, is a cluster of light pink buds that open white. There are now many different varieties in colors ranging from pure white to deep pink.

We have a nice selection of 3 gallon containers including the K. latifolia ‘Sarah’, seen here plus ‘Elf’, ‘Carol’, ‘Olympic Fire’, ‘Snowdrift’, and more. Make them happy – amend the soil with organic matter, top dress with good mulch and be careful not to plant it too deep. Acid soil is a must for Mountain Laurel, so if you’re not sure about your site you’ll probably want to do a soil test. Fertilize with Holly-tone 3-4-3 or Woodace 12-3-6 which are formulated specifically for plants that require acid soil. Best in partial shade but they can tolerate a sunny location if they get enough water.

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