This perennial earns straight A’s when it come to texture, form and drama for the shade garden. Most people stop at Hostas for some big-leaf punch and that’s where they’re missing out. Roger’s Flowers (Rodgersia aesculifolia and R. pinnata ‘Elegans’) rise up and tower over the waning foliage of early spring bulbs, perennials and ephemerals like Virginia Bluebells, earning their keep by hiding the mess. They shoot their plumey flower spikes on sturdy stems high above the foliage in plain sight. The leaves turn bronze in fall and the flowers produce a reddish fruit. They need a moist site to be happy in partial shade, but can take sun if the soil is moist enough. Any winter interest? Don’t ask – cut them to the ground after a hard frost.

Rodger’s Flower are slow plants to become established and will eventually grow to sizable clumps, so it’s worthwhile being patient!

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