Ivory Halo Red Twig Dogwood is useful in many landscape situations for its bright variegated foliage and red stemmed winter interest. This shrub Dogwood is a compact grower getting about 4-6′ tall with upright branching. It also has interesting, though not super showy, flat, flower clusters that give way to small drupes or fruit. The best stem color is produced on young branches, so periodic pruning of older branches is recommended. It’s a good choice to use as a hedge, in the shrub border adding some nice contrast or in the winter garden along with some yellow twig Dogwood and Japanese Kerria!
Plant in medium moist soil that is well-drained in full sun to partial shade. Shrub Dogwoods are not on the list for deer resistance, so if that’s an issue pick up some Repellex Deer Spray or Bobbex!

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