Are your customers asking for Viburnum but not sure which one to give them? Check out the now blooming Viburnum carlcephalum also known as Fragrant Viburnum. The large heads of its fragrant flowers bloom mid-spring and develop into red fruit which ripen to black. The habit is wide and upright growing 6-10′ HxW. The glossy, dark green foliage turns a bright wine-red in fall.
Plant in moist well-drained soil in full sun close to walkways and entryways where they’ll really be appreciated for their spicy fragrance. Also great in the shrub border or as a single specimen. Are you more familiar with Korean Spice Viburnum -V. carlesii? We have a good selection of our own container grown stock plus medium and larger B&B sizes!

Tip: Make a note for yourself – underplant these with spring blooming bulbs this fall to create a real spring show for next year!

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