The heat and dry conditions has definitely taken its toll on many residential lawns and there is much work to do to get them back into shape. The good news is the weather has begun to change for the better and the cool season turf grasses are starting to have the advantage for growth over the weeds and disease as temperatures moderate and humidity drops.

What you should be doing now:
-Over-seed now even if the ground is dry. The seed will sit there until we get rain (and we will get rain)
Amend hard compacted soils with organic materials to increase soil aeration and friability so that grass roots can spread.
-Supplements of fertilizers like M-Roots with Mycorrhizae will enhance the root system of the grass making moisture and fertility available in poor soils. Yes, it really makes a difference.
-Get a soil test done for pH so you know if you need to lime and how much lime to use if the soil needs it. Remember: if you lime a soil that does not need lime, YOU are creating a problem!
-If you are not over-seeding, apply broadleaf weed control and clean up broadleaf weeds. Now is the time that perennial weeds like dandelions start sending carbohydrates down to the roots, so they’ll send the herbicide to the roots as well giving the best control of weeds.
-You can still use Acelepryn for grubs and other insects well into September and Dylox can be used once the grubs become larger later on. Good to know: neither of these will have any affect on over-seeding.

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