When it comes to the landscape in winter, it may seem like a great idea to sit back and let nature do her thing – any resulting issues from cold, wind and snow can be dealt with in spring, right? No. When it comes to Boxwood it’s important to take some precautionary measures to assure that they come through as strong and healthy as they can, so when spring finally comes you’ll be able to focus on other things – like planting big, beautiful trees!

Sanitation – Clean out all leaf litter and debris from inside the plant especially towards the base
Mulch – Make sure you have cleared mulch away from the trunk so moisture doesn’t sit against it
Protect from Winds – Consider a burlap wind-break in northern exposures and/or an anti-dessicant like Wilt Pruf to prevent wind burn
Soil Test – If you’ve had trouble in the past with Boxwood at the site, get a soil test done that includes the pH, nutrient levels and soil texture
Pruning – When pruning next season don’t forget to thin the plant in the center to increase air flow and allow sunlight in to stimulate fresh interior growth
Fertilizing – Remember, they are not acid loving plants (6.5-7.2 is optimum) – choose a fertilizer like M-Roots or Plant-tone to give them a good start in spring

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