Accent plants are work horses when it comes to the landscape. They lead the eye to beautiful views and complement specimen plants, hardscape features and even the color & style of buildings.

One of our best selling accent plants is the Golden Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Crippsii’). It’s an easy choice to make based on its size and color, adding some eye-catching contrast to Hollies, Azaleas and Spreading Juniper. It has a broad pyramidal habit slowly growing to about 25′ high x 10′ wide with evergreen sprays of golden foliage that stands out against the dark green interior. Best planted in some light shade in moist, well-drained soil at a site protected from winter wind.

Stop by to see all the selections of B&B evergreens including cultivars of Colorado Spruce (ie. ‘Baby Blue’, ‘Fat Albert’, ‘Hoopsii’), Hybrid Holly (ie. Golden Girl & Honey Maid), Dwarf White Pine, Weeping Canadian Hemlock and many more.

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