This week we received in a nice trio of 5/6′ Fragrant Fountain Weeping Snowbells (Styrax japonica). It’s a beautiful tree for a focal point or a pair would be a smart look for entryways or framing a view. The white bell-shaped flowers dangle along the branches blooming in June and the leaves turn a respectable golden yellow in fall. They’ll only grow 6-10′ high x 5-8′ wide making them a good choice for smaller areas. Skirted simply with mulch will show off its form and winter structure, and under-planted with smaller spring bulbs will start the interest off early in the season.
Good companions would be glossy evergreen Leucothoes or large-leaf Rhododendron Cunningham’s White. They all share similar planting conditions: part sun with moist but well-drained soil. Take a look at these and other weepers like Ruby Falls Redbud on your next trip over!

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