Here’s a great street tree that is widely used in cities around the world for lots of reasons – here’s a quick list of some of the attributes:

Size – large, 75’+ high x 60′ wide
Growth rate – 12-24″ per year
Habit – Pyramidal, oval at maturity
Main attributes – Camouflage exfoliating bark, large maple-like leaves, small pairs of interesting round fruit, strong branching habit providing great shade
Tolerant of – Air pollution, restricted planting spaces, transplanting
Uses – Street tree, parks, large properties, pollarding & pleaching (pruning techniques)
Disease resistance – ‘Bloodgood’ resistant to Anthracnose
Hardiness – Zone 5-8
History – First used as a street tree in London nearly 400 years ago because of it’s pollution tolerance!

We have a nice assortment of sizes ranging from 25 gallon to 3-3.5″.
Also available: 5-6″ pollarded, P. acerifolia ‘Exclamation’ (60′ high x 40′ wide) and some 2-2.5 and 3-3.5″ (P. occidentalis) in case you are looking for the native Sycamore. Call for current availability.

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