We’ve had a nice start to the incoming material here in Watertown including these beautiful cutleaf Japanese Maples! Acer palmatum ‘Red Select’ and ‘Viridis’ are seen here. They’ll make nice additions near patios or front entryways since they have interest pretty much all year long. Plant them in partial shade with some protection from the hot afternoon sun. Like most plants they’ll benefit from a layer of mulch. Early spring is also the best time to get a jump start on mulching the beds and borders. It’s important at this early stage for suppressing weeds and later on as temperatures climb to reduce soil evaporation keeping moisture available to the roots. It also makes the beds look clean and finished before breaking down and adding organic matter to the soil.
Remember to always keep it about 6″ away from the trunks of trees and shrubs and 6-12″away from buildings. And last but not least, please…No Volcanos!
Stop by soon!

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