Now that the traditional evergreen Azaleas are finishing up their show, it’s time for the deciduous Azaleas to take over, and it’s not hard to miss one of our favorites, the intense golden-yellow Klondyke. This Exbury Hybrid has showy flower clusters with a fragrance that packs a sweet punch! It has a broad upright habit growing 4-5′ high x 3-4′ wide. The new growth is bronzy green and it has great fall color – dark red! It’s right at home in the shrub border or in the back row of foundation plantings. Plant in full sun or part shade at a site that is well-drained taking care not to plant too deep. Is deer an issue? You may need to have a bottle of Bobbex handy, just in case.

It’s worth checking out all our deciduous Azaleas including: the peachy-red Flame Azalea (Azalea calendulaceum), the white Fragrant Star (Azalea x), Lemon Drop (Exbury), Pinxterbloom (Azalea periclymenoides), Popsicle (Weston hybrid), both white and ‘Pink and Sweet’ Swamp Azalea (Azalea viscousum) and others.

The Exbury Hybrids have been planted for more than a century and have a very interesting story – the original breeding goes way back to 1738!

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