It’s hard to get excited about Japanese Andromeda, it’s just so common place, but when its features are listed in black & white you realize there aren’t many other plants that can measure up to its versatility.

-Evergreen that tolerates a good amount of shade
-Deer resistant!
-Colorful emerging foliage (light green, tinged in pink or bright red)
-Showy clusters of flower buds that give interest all winter
-Flowers that open as early as February last for weeks

Plant them in medium to rich acid soil in a well-drained site in partial to full shade. We have a large selection in stock including the species (Pieris japonica), ‘Cavatine’, ‘Compacta’, ‘Dorothy Wykoff’, ‘Flaming Silver’, ‘Mountain Fire’, ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ and others in sizes from 3-15 gallon containers.

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