Have you ever used Myrica gale? Also known as Sweetgale, it’s a very cool (Zone 1!) native plant that could be useful in more than a few situations for its low habit, cold hardiness, salt tolerance, and wet or boggy soils. Growing 2-4′ it’s wonderful at the perimeter of a pond or wetland with its deciduous, glossy, blue-green leaves. It has flowers borne in catkins that develop into a waxy persistent fruit. The deciduous foliage is fragrant just like its cousin Northern Bayberry, and for all you home brewers – the leaves and branches can be used in flavoring un-hopped beers and Danish Schnapps.

Plant in sun to part shade in moist acid soil. Use as low hedging, in group plantings, in the shrub border, along a drive or walkway, on the edge of ponds etc. Let us know where you site yours!

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