The Daylilies are in full bloom right now so it’s the perfect time to choose your favorites and pair them up with some perennial companions. They have been used in gardens all over the world for centuries with new varieties and hybrids being developed all the time, and right now there are over 35,000 named cultivars! Daylilies bloom over a long period of time, sometimes over a 30-40 day stretch during the summer. They’re easy to grow in full sun, happiest in moist, well-drained, slightly acid soil with added organic matter, but can also take periods of drought. Mulching keeps the weeds at bay from under the arching foliage. After flowering it’s best to remove the seedheads which will help with a heavier flower production for next year. Feed with Espoma Plant-tone, Woodace 14-14-14 and use Roots or Roots with Mycorrhizae at planting. Trim old foliage back early spring before new growth emerges.

top row: ‘Barbara Mitchell’, ‘Big Time Happy’, ‘Chicago Apache’, ‘Chicago Sunrise’
middle row: ‘Hyperion’, ‘Joan Senior’, ‘Little Grapette’, ‘Mallory Brook’
bottom row: ‘Mauna Loa’, ‘Siloam Double Classic’, ‘South Seas’, ‘Strawberry Candy’

Ana’s favorites are the fragrant ‘Siloam Double Classic’ and vibrant ‘Mauna Loa’!

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