Among the Irish Moss, Sedums and Thymes in Newtown you’ll see a large group of Blue and White Creeping Mazus (Mazus reptans). Ever use it? People that do love it for several reasons: it’s a very low growing perennial that is covered in lavender-blue (or white) flowers from late spring into summer. It’s a mat-forming groundcover that spreads by rooting stems which make it able to withstand foot traffic. Because of this it has been used as a no-mow lawn, even tolerating occasional mowing. And that’s not all – it’s well suited to tuck in between stepping stones, plant under trees and shrubs and use in areas where mowing is difficult.
Plant in moist but well-drained soil in sun to part shade. Did we say moist? That’s what’s needed to keep this ground-cover looking its best – it is not drought tolerant.

Have a large area to cover? Make it more interesting by creating a tapestry. Add groups of other low growers like Irish or Scotch Moss, Brass Buttons and any of the Creeping Thyme.

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