If you need a carefree plant for a hot, dry, sandy situation try Sempervivum. Hens and Chicks originated from the mountainous Alps in Europe. It lives happily in the cracks in dry stone walls, between pavers, in the front of rocks gardens hugging stones or sculptures, roof top gardens and in containers – as long as the soil is well drained! Plant them along with Sedum, Delosperma, Dianthus, Gentiana and Thyme for an easy low-maintenance garden.
Sempervivum tectorum calcarem is grown for its interesting foliage! It has distinct blue-green thick leaves with dark red tips arranged like a rose. It grows only 2-3” tall and spreads by sending out many little rosettes (chicks) on short flat stems around the (hen). It forms a dense mat-like clump. Once the “Hen” flowers in summer and drops seeds, it withers away providing space for the “chicks” to grow larger, beginning the cycle again. Furthermore, it does attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects – plus the deer don’t like it! – Marnie
Sylvie says “Our 1 gallon pots are full and overflowing –
making it difficult to carry 2 pots per hand!

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