If you need evergreens for foundations or hedging – consider a yew. They are sometimes thought of as old fashioned, but cultivars like these Black Knight have a lot to offer:

-Extra dark-green needles
-Dense, tight habit, more so than ‘Densiformis’
-4-5′ high x 5-6′ wide, great for foundations and hedging
-Fruitless male form
-Shade tolerant
-not, unfortunately, deer resistant (try Bobbex!)

Yews are great in the conifer garden, as an accent to Japanese Maples and flowering trees & shrubs, and on commercial sites. They tolerate wind, drought and urban environments. Plant in full sun to shade. Other Yews in stock include T. baccata ‘Repandens’, T. cuspidata ‘Capitata’, T. x media ‘Densiformis’, ‘Everlow’, ‘Hicksii’ and others. Call either sales yard for availability and pricing.

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