If there’s room for one more shrub in the border, and there always is, here is our suggestion: Dora Amateis Rhododendron. As you can see it’s a small leaf Rhododendron with pale yellow buds opening to bright white flower clusters early to mid-season, but it’s the size that’s the winner: 3′ high and will grow twice as wide with a rounded, compact habit. It earned Proven Winner status because of its consistent performance in Zones 5 and 6. Partial shade is best with well-drained rich, humus soil. It’s also a low maintenance shrub that won’t need much pruning. We have a good supply in 3 gallon containers currently in bud – the perfect time to get them in the ground so your customers will enjoy the bloom this season.

Another award winner (Best Rhododendron of the Year 2011) is Janet Blair. This larger leaf and bigger grower (6′ in 10 years) is another beautiful addition to the border. It’s also a mid-season bloomer but with larger pink flower clusters that have an interesting frilled edge. Hardy to -15ºF and quite heat tolerant. We will have a good supply in 3 gallon containers ready soon.

Check them both out on your next trip over to Planters’ Choice!

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