With the hoop houses full of enticing colorful perennials ranging from ankle to knee height (such as Heuchera, Campanula, Geranium, Echinacea) adding some altitude to the perennial border can easily be over-looked. Enter: the head-turning Delphinium hybrids. Ana says simply put “they’re elegant, beautiful and add so much to the garden”. Large showy double flowers on tall 4’+ stems rise above clean, cut-leaf foliage. You may think, “oh no, that height means I have to stake them!” Well… big deal. Bamboo Stakes and Green Twist-ties are an easy and inexpensive solution that lets your customers have the worry-free, tall drama these beauties provide.

Plant them mid to back of the perennial bed making sure they are not planted too deeply and have good air circulation. Well-drained rich soil is a must – so if the soil needs amending use a good amount of compost. Water them thoroughly every 7 days in hot dry weather. They are also heavy feeders that need a neutral to alkaline pH. Fertilize several times during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer like Woodace 14-14-14 or Espoma Plant-tone.

Need other white perennials to brighten up the borders for night time walks? Blooming right now are Powwow White Cone Flowers (Echinacea), Icicle Speedwell (Veronica), Shasta Daisies (Leucanthemum), Miss Manners Obedient Plant (Physostegia), the fragrant David Garden Phlox (P. paniculata) and Casa Blanca Asiatic Lilies to name just a few.

Right now most are still in tight bud – prime time to get them in the ground and properly staked.

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