While some of us can’t see the lawn for the snow, others are lucky to have it finally gone. Either way we know what’s coming – crabgrass! In southern Connecticut the seed typically germinates around the middle of the last week of April, especially at sites that get a good amount of sun. The areas along the edges of asphalt curbing, walkways, driveways, patios, Belgian block etc. absorb a great deal of heat, warming the adjacent soil. Soil temperatures need to be a consistent 55ºF day and night for about 4-5 days for crabgrass germination.

Products like these will get your lawns off to a good crabgrass-free start:

22-0-6 with Team is a pre-emergent fertilizer that’s very good, especially on lawns that did not receive fall fertilizer
16-0-8 with Barricade is the longest lasting pre-emergent for lawns that typically have problems with late-season crabgrass germination
18-0-5 with Dimension works as a pre and early post-emergent that can also be used after crabgrass germinates extending your window of application. Non-staining Dimension is the product you need when you are preventing weeds near a lot of hardscape.
19-0-6 with Confront & Dimension is a pre and post-emergent with an added benefit of controlling broad-leaf weeds (clover, dandelion etc). On new spring seedings this product can be applied 2 weeks after new lawn seed germinates, and considering the late start to the warm weather this product will be very useful!

As always read, follow and understand all product labels before use. Call us with any questions – we’re here to help!

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