We all tend to forget how many adverse conditions plants deal with this time of year, especially when it comes to newly planted material. From the time a tree is dug out of the ground (which is an injury to the plant), it takes as long as three years to make a 100% complete recovery. One thing you can do to help is to treat the area where the injury took place – the root zone and the surrounding soil. For this we turn to products that have a variety of biological agents that aid in soil conditioning for better aeration, moisture retention, tilth, friability, and compaction reduction. All these will, in the end, speed the plant’s recovery and overall health. – Mark

3-3-3 Roots and M-Roots with Mycorrhizal Fungi
14-14-14 – Balanced fertilizer for flowering plants
3-0-20 Bio Pack Plus for transplants and stressed plants
12-3-6 Woodace A.C.R.E. for acid-loving plants
Terra-sorb Water Absorbing Gel Crystals, use at time of planting

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