Knock Out Roses are a great way to get started with shrub roses. They need relatively little care, compared with other types of Roses like the Hybrid Teas. Knock Outs push the old blooms out of the way when the new bud forms, eliminating the need for deadheading. They come in handy for adding a pop of color for both commercial and residential sites, and because they’re resistant to most insects and diseases, the dark green foliage stays clean throughout the season.

Plant them in a full-sun site in rich, well-drained soil. Knock Out Roses are heavy feeders, just like other Roses. Apply a balanced fertilizer like Rose-tone early in the season, then every four weeks until mid-August.

Looking for a climber? We currently carry the classics New Dawn (blush pink) and Blaze (red).
What about the low growers? We have Drift Roses and Carpet Roses in an assortment of colors.

Pick out your favorites soon and enjoy a season full of bloom!

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