Japanese Flowering Quince is a true old-fashioned beacon of spring here in New England. When in bloom they are easy to recognize and a beautiful sight to see. You can usually find them on older properties and along stone walls. Some consider this a one-season plant – but we think it serves a purpose throughout the year. Let’s take a closer look:

*Eye-catching peachy-pink, red, or white flowers in early spring (March-April) before and as it leafs out blooming on old growth
*Light green, bitter fruit in fall – great for jams
*Glossy, dark green leaves open fully after flowering
*Prune lightly after flowering to encourage bloom – use gloves as the branches have thorns and remove suckers to limit spread
*Great for forcing
*Grows 3-4′ high x 4-5′ wide on average depending on the cultivar
*Plant in full sun in well drained soil, tolerates periodic dry soil once fully established
*Cultivation started long ago in Asia and is often used as Bonsai and in Japanese Gardens
*We carry three varieties: ‘Cameo’ (peachy-pink), ‘Jet Trail’ (pure white and more compact) and ‘Texas Scarlett’ (fiery red)
*Useful as densely branched hedge (intimidating for neighborhood kids – inviting for birds)

So consider this under-used shrub – you might find just the right spot!

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