Increase your planting success!

A 6/7′ Hemlock can typically transpire a gallon of water per hour into the air under ideal conditions. It’s necessary to understand that there are many factors that affect this amount which can make a difference between a successful planting and a disappointing loss. Trees like Hemlock and Arborvitae have normally been sheared to make their tops “full” which increases the total fullness of the plant thus increasing the rate of evapo-transpiration. On top of this, these plants have been dug, balled & burlapped, cutting off many of the root tips that do 95% or more of the moisture absorption from the soil. It takes time to regenerate these roots, but moisture loss through the leaves continues despite the plant’s efforts to conserve moisture.

So knowing how much stress they’ve gone through, what can you do to help them survive and thrive? First and foremost assess the soil conditions and amend before planting. Breaking up compacted hard soils by adding organic matter like Peat Moss will help with moisture retention and oxygen dispersion so it comes in contact with the roots, not to mention just making it physically possible for roots to grow out into the soil. Remember, if soil compaction runs deeper than you are able to amend, you can plant it high so roots can get oxygen. Another life saving product is M-Roots which is loaded with biologicals that greatly improve soil conditions and the soil/root relationship. Mycorrhizae fungi actually grow into the roots and out into the soil, faster than the tree roots can regenerate on their own, and begin exchanging moisture and nutrients within the host tree, vastly increasing planting success rates and ultimately – your bottom line!

As always, call with any questions! – Mark

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