While it’s great to have a winter break, sending out the Weekly Picks again means that the temperatures are rising and the sales yards are filling up! Wahoo!!! After looking at nothing but blankets of white since January, we’re ready to look at anything that is photosynthesizing.

The trucks are bringing in loads of beautiful deciduous material keeping the two yard crews busy unloading, spacing and dealing with what goes where.

In the greenhouse Dan and his crew have been busy all winter germinating seeds and sticking cuttings to fulfill the perpetual needs of your customers. Dan has been diligently working with Liz to get our production plan into our database so we can all be aware of what plants will be ready at particular times.

Peter’s crews at our Meadow Brook and Huntingtown Road farms have been fertilizing and trimming container material inside the hoop houses non-stop with portable heaters being their constant companions. Keeping the snow load manageable on and around the houses has been another non-stop activity this winter. His crew will start potting bare-root material next week.

Duane and his crew have been trimming trees during good weather and cutting back and fertilizing perennials and grasses during some of the tougher days. The dig list is compiled, and once the ground thaws, there are 4000 trees to dig and 7000 to plant!

We have been carefully monitoring the perennials, and are pleased to start implementing our most ambitious perennial production-plan to date. Lots of native ferns and grasses are being added to the mix!

The rest of us inside the offices have our own projects, from fine-tuning the new catalog to scheduling incoming material, making tags and signs, attending trade shows, buttoning up 2014’s paperwork, and gathering ideas for the years’ Weekly Picks, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

We’ve also been working on our website. Click on the drop-down menu under Gallery! We now have almost 400 images of beautiful perennials, flowering trees and more including a collection of plants that have proven good for Seashore Sites.

We are pleased to have you along for another exciting year at Planters’ Choice! We look forward to assisting you with all of your plant and related needs. See you soon!

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