Carex muskingumensis- Palm Sedge
Surprisingly, this native sedge has an exotic palm like appearance. The leaves branch out from the stem resembling the arrangement of a palm with a fine, soft texture. It grows to 20” tall and slowly spreads by rhizomes.
It grows best in dappled sun to full shade, but will tolerate full sun in consistently moist soil. It will even grow in shallow water about 3-4” deep.
Plant them in groupings on the edge of a pond or stream. For a little drama, use perennials like Ligularia for its bold, large round foliage as a back drop.  If all native wetland plants are required, use Palm Sedge with Clethra- Summer Sweet, Eupatorium- Joe Pye weed, Itea ‘Henry’s Garnet and Ilex glabra- Inkberry Holly. Then you will have an abundance of summer flowers, fragrance, a fine textured Sedge, some evergreen foliage and fall color!
Palm-Sedge is not a misfit or odd-ball – just under-used and under-appreciated!

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