“Will these plants survive?” is a frequently heard question these days.  We offer a couple of reminders in response.

First, plants with brown needles or leaves may well have firm, viable buds.  On the other flip side, plants with green leaves or needles now may still drop their foliage once the weather warms up.  So no matter what a plant looks like today, we won’t truly know until the sap starts flowing how well any individual has fared post-hurricane.

Second, when weighing the choice between “replace now” and “wait and see,” don’t forget that not all trees may be successfully dug in the fall (click here for our “Spring Dig  Only” list). [link to doc] If you and your client chose to replace storm damaged trees now, come visit the nursery soon.  Freshly dug trees are arriving daily!

Third, if mature trees made sparse by Sandy-related needle drop are left to fill out again over the years, consider creating an understory bed. That way your client can have both the important plants plus immediate gratification!

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