Welcome back to the Weekly Picks and our 46th year of growing great plant material for you and your customers! After a short and mild winter we’ve started to uncover the houses and load up the tree blocks in both sales yards. Peter’s crew has started cutting holes in the plastic and removing it off some of the hardier material.

Truckloads of freshly dug B&B trees and shrubs have been arriving since last month keeping Doug’s crew very busy. They’re lining them out in their respective blocks and mulching them in. Dan’s crew in the greenhouse has been potting up rooted cuttings and liners for future stock and have just uncovered the Vinca outside. Mark and Drew have filled the barns and sales rooms with grass seed, hand tools and hardgoods. Mark wants you to know that we now have the Waterstar seed in the smaller 25 lb bag, which is super convenient for over seeding and smaller jobs.

Our 2016 Wholesale Price & Reference Guide is hot off the press and will be sent out asap. You’ll see new charts, native plant lists, a planting guide for trees and shrubs, plus exciting new perennial offerings like Alstroemeria x ‘Inca Ice’ (Peruvian Lily), Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry Lily), Hosta ‘Humpback Whale’, Trollius chinensis ‘Golden Queen’ (Globe Flower) just to name a few.

So stop in soon or send your plant lists over for quoting – it’s about to pick up fast!

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